BOOST Technology

Look for the BOOST logo on machines that feature BOOST Technology.

Using BOOST Technology, cleaning solution is introduced in front of the rectangular scrubbing pad in controlled timed pulses. The orbital pad contains the cleaning solution and carries it for the full length of the pad.  compared to traditional disc scrubbers that output water continuously and sling water away from the pad,  BOOST’s efficient use of the cleaning solution results in water and chemical savings of 50% to 70%.

Using less solution during cleaning keeps the operator working productively rather than in the janitor’s closet emptying and refilling the scrubber tanks.

Cleaner floors allow for more effective burnishing.  Dirt left behind by traditional disc scrubbers is often burnished into the finish, resulting in a yellowing of the finish.  With more effective cleaning AND burnishing, the time between labor intensive strip-and-recoats can be extended, which means less money spent on floor stripper, finish and labor.  And, BOOST pads clean right into corners and along walls reducing labor time in additional cleaning.



What Makes BOOST Technology Green?

  • Uses 50-70% less water & chemicals than conventional scrubbers
  • Strips floors chemical-free, using only water
  • Reduces floor pad consumption/costs by 40%
  • Lower pad pressure increases battery run times by 25%
  • Multi-purpose machine – cleans, strips, and wet screens gym floors
  • Cleans multiple surfaces and into corners, reducing the need for additional equipment or additional cleaning processes
  • AGM batteries on all autoscrubbers (optional)

Options Available On Autoscrubbers With Boost

  • Clarke Battery Maintenance System (CBMS)
  • Full line of BOOST Pads
  • Replacement Squeegee Blade Kits
  • Chemical Mixing System Kit
  • Off-aisle Want Kit (Focus II Mid Size 32, Focus II Rider)
  • Hour Meter Kit